Design subscription for startups

Flexible, hassle-free design support tailored for startups. Pause or cancel anytime. No contract, no hourly rates, just one flat monthly fee.

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"Tired of time-consuming hiring processes and unreliable freelancers? With our subscription model, you get premium, customised design work for a fixed monthly fee. Pause or cancel anytime."

A photo of Mikael Kristianslund, the founder of Luft Design
Mikael Kristianslund
Founder of Luft Design

How does it work?



Choose your plan based on your design needs. Scale up or down, pause, or cancel without hassle.

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Submit a task

Whether it's UX/UI, web design, or branding, just submit your task in Trello. You can add as many tasks as you want, and we'll attack them one by one.

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Get the design

Recieve the design within 48 hours on average. All the work is unique, high-quality design tailored to your needs. Feel free to ask for revisions - or on to the next task!

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Why this subscription will be your new best friend

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Predictable Pricing

Know exactly what you're paying each month. No surprises, no hidden fees.

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Lightning fast

Ask today, get your design within 48 hours on average. No more design bottlenecks.

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Unlimited design

Submit as many design tasks and revisions as you need, and we'll tackle them one by one.

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Pause or cancel anytime

Got all you need for now? Just pause or cancel the subscription. Flexibility is key.

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As your startup grows, so do your design needs. More design as you grow, less when you don't.

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No hiring hassles

Forget the time-consuming process of hiring freelancers or employees for design work


More reliable than a freelancer, more flexible than an employee

Same, same, but different.

Fixed pricing
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Salary + benefits
Immediate hire
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Days to weeks
Weeks to months
Pause anytime
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Limited flexibility
Fire & hire
Fast delivery
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Get more than you pay for

Ideal for new startups and solo entrepreneurs
68 500 NOK
One request at a time
48 hour delivery on average
Pause or cancel anytime
100% remote
No meetings
Double the requests. Perfect for startups scaling up
99 000 NOK
Two request at a time
48 hour delivery on average
Pause or cancel anytime
100% remote
Weekly meetings
One time project
Customized solutions for unique scopes
Contact us
Price per project
On-site work
Meetings allowed
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The answers to your questions

How much design work will I get in one month?

The amount of design work you can expect in one month varies based on the complexity of your requests. As a general guideline, within a month, you could anticipate the design or redesign of a website, the redesign of a simple app, or the creation of a new brand identity, often in less than a month. The key is the nature and intricacy of each task, which we'll navigate together to maximize your subscription's value.

Why not just hire a full-time designer?

Finding the right person to hire takes time and resources. Also, hiring a full-time designer, especially a senior one, can cost over €100,000 a year, plus benefits.

There's also the challenge of fluctuating workloads — paying a full salary during slower periods doesn't make economic sense, especially for smaller startups.

Our model allows for flexibility. With our monthly plan, you can pause and resume your subscription whenever you want.

How quickly will I receive my designs?

Expect quick delivery, usually within 48 hours for most requests. More intricate tasks might take a bit longer, but we’re always on it.

What design software do we use?

Figma is our go-to for most design projects, offering versatility and collaboration ease. For web design we use Webflow, and we also use the Adobe Suite, Keynote and more.

What if the design isn’t what I envisioned?

We keep iterating until you’re happy. 100% satisfaction is our benchmark.

What if I only have a single request?

No problem. Complete your request, pause your subscription, and reactivate when the next project arises. Your subscription waits for you.

Is there a limit on design requests?

No, you can add as many tasks to your queue as you'd like, we handle them one after another.

Who are the designers?

You might find it surprising, but Luft operates lean with just one full-time member - me, Mikael, the founder. I handle the bulk of our design projects, ensuring a consistent quality and personal touch.

However, I've built up a network of specialist collaborators over the years for niche tasks. Whether it's Webflow development, 3D modeling, specific-style illustrations, or anything else, we have the expertise on hand to deliver exactly what you need.

How does pausing work?

Flexibility is a key feature in our service. If you find yourself with less design needs, simply pause your subscription. Our billing cycle is based on a 31-day period. Pause anytime within this cycle, and the remaining days roll over, ready when you are.

How can I request designs?

We love making things easy. Request designs through Trello, share documents or wireframes, or even drop us a Loom video for a personal touch. If it fits in Trello, it works for us.

What about refunds?

Given the bespoke nature of the work and our commitment to satisfaction through revisions, we do not offer refunds. Our focus is on delivering quality and value from the get-go.